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Environment Tasmania, Surfrider, Great Southern Reef Foundation, Sea Forest FILM TOUR

In late 2023 and early 2024, Environment Tasmania was lucky enough to present short films Reviving Giants and Southern Blast. The films were screened in Bicheno, Triabunna, Kingston, Hobart and Eaglehawk Neck.

Reviving Giants is Great Southern Reef’s new incredible short 10-minute film. Mick Barren and Dr Karen Gowlett-Holmes have been running the Eaglehawk Dive Centre on the iconic Tasman Peninsula since 1991. Reviving Giants explores their personal reflections on the dramatic changes observed in the giant kelp forests within their lifetimes and their ongoing efforts to gain traction in the restoration of these reefs.

Southern Blast is directed by award-winning director Matty Hannon and is a beautiful cinematic celebration of the wild landscapes, abundant marine life, and community that call the Southern Sea home. The film focuses on the imminent threat of seismic blasting on this region, and what we can do to stop it.

There were more than 750 people who attended the screenings across the state. It was clear there was a huge passion amongst the crowd, people were moved by seeing the devastating effects of seismic blasting and climate change on the giant kelp. 

Hope is on the horizon with these films showcasing how incredible Tasmania’s oceans are and will inspire the next generation to care for what we have right here. 

You can view Reviving Giants here and learn more about The Great Southern Reef Foundation here.

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We look forward to collaborating with filmmakers and venues to bring more ocean conservation films to Tasmanians.

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