Environment Tasmania

We are embarking on a new Marine Campaign and we'd love you to join us!

Tasmania is a special place. Not only are we a “hotspot” for some of the most unique and diverse marine life in the world, but we also are an island people with an active coastal lifestyle. Unfortunately, Tasmania’s oceans are also known as a global “hot spot” for climate change, with some of Tassie’s waters warming four times faster than the global rate. Meanwhile, we are noticing that fishing isn’t as good as it used to be and many ecosystems are in decline due to invasive species, expanding salmon farms, ocean plastics, depleting fish stocks, land run-off and of course climate change.

We are passionate about keeping the oceans healthy. Healthy oceans mean thriving marine life but also healthy humans! The oceans improve our well-being, give us nourishment, mitigate climate change and provide us with oxygen (what an epic list!!). If we don’t act now we will see our oceans continue to decline to a point where it’s going to be extremely hard to come back from.

It's time to Rise Up for Tasmania's Oceans!

We are embarking on a new marine campaign and we need you to join us. Salmon has been a HUGE issue for Tasmania's oceans and we have campaigned successfully for many years on this issue. We are now broadening our scope to include other marine issues and looking to campaign on the root causes of these and how they interact. Now is a pivotal moment in time when we can actually intervene and seek the solutions that our oceans need. CLICK JOIN!