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Rise Up for Tasmania's Oceans!

Healthy oceans are central to Tasmania's island culture, communities and economy.

Keeping oceans healthy ensures fishing, tourism and our island lifestyle thrives for generations to come. We know that Tasmanians from all backgrounds deeply care for our ocean environment.

Join the movement!

Advocating for change

We are advocating for changes in Tasmania's marine policies and laws to give the local unique and precious marine life the best chance. We work with communities and harness the personal and cultural connections that Tasmanians have with the ocean.

“Tasmania’s marine life is extraordinary, including unique species and communities found nowhere else in Australia or even the world, and including pristine habitats recognised to be of high global conservation significance.”

Dr Karen Parsons, Nowhere Else on Earth.


What's Special

Sixty-five million years of relative tectonic and ocean-current stability has given Tasmania’s marine life time to diversify widely and occupy a wide range of habitats, including an unusually diverse mix of sheltered...
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