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Take Action for the Maugean Skate

image of a skatye


Right now consultation is underway by the Australian Government that could save Tassie’s living dinosaur, the endangered Maugean skate. We have created a guide to help as many people as possible make a submission until February 2nd, 2024. 

The issue: The millennia old Maugean skate is fighting for its existence against the polluting salmon farming industry in its final critical habitat, Macquarie Harbour. It’s an extinction emergency but it doesn’t have to be so. 

Back in 2012, a decision was made by the Environment Minister at the time, allowing fish farms to expand in Macquarie Harbour so long as farming was done in a manner that did not impact the skate. 

Today, we now know farming has impacted the skate. In fact, the science and solutions are clear: we know why the skate is on the trajectory to extinction — salmon farming. And we know how to fix the problem — remove salmon farming. 

The consultation: Minister Plibersek is seeking public input to determine whether the 2012 decision should be reconsidered. 

Given the latest science – and that the skate teeters on the brink of extinction – the Environment Minister should review the 2012 decision and remove salmon farms. Public consultation is now open and we have the opportunity to change the fate of the Maugean skate.

Our handy guide is here. Please download and share with others! We must act NOW - consultation closes on February 2nd, 2024.

Click this link to read the background or this link to directly make a submission. It is best done on a laptop or desktop computer. You can write your own submission or copy and paste from our guide! 

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