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Our Mission

To conserve, connect, and inspire stewardship of lutruwita/Tasmania’s natural landscapes.


Our Vision

lutruwita/Tasmania’s unique, natural environment is healthy, protected, and sustainable for future generations.


Our Approach

Environment Tasmania works with the Tasmanian community to care for our unique environment, keeping us connected to some of the most spectacular wildlife, forests and oceans on earth. As a non-governmental, non-partisan and totally independent organisation, we bring together environment groups and community members to find solutions to Tasmania’s environmental pressures.

A healthy environment has been recognised by the United Nations (UN) as a human right and is also inextricably linked to human wellbeing and health. Therefore a healthy and abundant natural environment in Tasmania is beneficial not only for its wildlife, but also for the Tasmanian community. We see people power as critical to protecting the nature and cultural values of our beautiful island state.

A Brief History

Environment Tasmania was established in 2004 primarily as a Conservation Council, but also to spearhead several important environmental projects after the formation of the Tasmanian Forestry Agreement. 

We hosted meetings with member groups from across the State, representing a diverse range of environmental issues, including forestry, waterways, National Park boundaries, skylines and urban development, regional ecosystems, climate change, and threatened species. These meetings were a forum for member groups to share local knowledge, discuss strategic issues, and identify shared priorities.

Environment Tasmania has also successfully worked in coalitions to achieve both the Tasmanian Forestry Agreement in 2012 and the ban on Super Trawlers in Tasmanian waters in 2017. Our campaign against the expansion of the salmon industry has made significant waves and we continue to be active in this space. We are currently excited to be working towards a better future for our marine environment and for Tasmania’s rivers.


Our Island

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