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Our island

So what makes Tasmania so special?


Why does Environment Tasmania have supporters all over the world? 


At the gateway to Antarctica, Tasmania is home to some of the last wild places on earth. Our World heritage listed forest wilderness is one of the three largest temperate wilderness areas remaining in the Southern Hemisphere. It contains some of the oldest and tallest flowering plants on earth and hundreds of archaeological sites dating back to the Pleistocene epoch. You can see amazing wildlife that is extinct, or never existed, on mainland Australia. And touch rocks that are 1,100 million years old. 


While all Australians know about the Great Barrier Reef, very few know that Tasmania is a unique, global hot spot for marine biodiversity. Ninety per cent of Tasmania's marine life is found nowhere else on earth. And yet just 1 per cent of Tasmania's globally significant marine environment is protected. That means it is at risk of being destroyed by over-fishing, climate change and invasive species - before people even know it exists. 

Our mission is to stop this from happening. 


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