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Tasmania - What's special

Wild, Unique and Irreplaceable

lutruwita/Tasmania’s environment is internationally renowned for its diversity — from its rugged mountains, ancient rainforests, wild rivers, native grasslands to sandy coastlines with rocky headlands to giant underwater kelp forests.

Tasmania’s breakaway from the mainland a few millennia ago resulted in an island with its own ecosystem, flora and fauna. Many of our endemic (unique) species are relics of Gondwana times. 




World Class Wilderness

Today, Tasmania is home to one of the three largest temperate wilderness areas remaining in the Southern Hemisphere. Our forests lay claim to some of earth’s most ancient plants, as well as some of the world’s tallest and oldest living trees.

Our waterways from rivers, lakes and estuaries are home to endangered, iconic species such as the burrowing freshwater crayfish, spotted handfish, freshwater galaxias and the ‘Thylacine of the sea’, the Maugean skate.


Incredible Oceans

Our ocean backyard forms part of the Great Southern Reef a global hotspot for marine life found nowhere else.

Underwater pinnacles, colourful sponge gardens, sea grasses and giant kelp forests shelter leafy seadragons, rock lobster and many fish species. Our oceans are important migratory routes for whales and our shores for Arctic seabirds.



Our Island

But it doesn’t stop there. Tasmania’s environment is vital to tourism, fishing and agriculture industries. It provides for our island lifestyle of boating, fishing, bushwalking and camping. 

lutruwita/Tasmania’s environment is irreplaceable. Healthy forests, rivers and oceans are central to our culture, way of life and our island economy. Join us in caring for our island home and support our mission of conserving, connecting and inspiring stewardship of Tassie's natural areas.