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Community Survey Results

2023 Marine Survey

We surveyed 475 Tasmanians about their connection to the ocean, how they interact with it and the issues that matter to them. Here is what we found.

Conducted over several months in 2023, the survey delved into various aspects of the relationship between Tasmanians and their coastal environment, showing the attitudes, behaviours, and concerns regarding ocean conservation and management.

The survey, which garnered participation from diverse segments of the Tasmanian community, including coastal residents, fishers, recreational water users, and environmental enthusiasts, aimed to provide valuable insights into how Tasmanians perceive, utilise, and value the oceans.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • Strong Connection to the Ocean: The results showed that Tasmanians have a strong bond to the ocean. A vast majority of respondents expressed a deep emotional connection to the coasts and oceans, highlighting its significance in their lives, culture, and identity.
  • Concerns over Pollution and Plastic: Environmental degradation emerged as a major area of concern among participants, with pollution and plastic waste identified as pressing issues. Many respondents voiced worries about the proliferation of marine litter and its detrimental impacts on marine life, ecosystems, and human health.
  • Support for Marine Conservation: There was widespread support for conservation measures aimed at protecting Tasmania's marine biodiversity. Participants overwhelmingly endorsed initiatives such as marine reserves, sustainable fishing practices, and habitat restoration efforts to safeguard the health and vitality of coastal ecosystems.
  • Call for Action on Climate Change: The survey highlighted growing apprehension regarding the effects of climate change on the marine environment. Rising sea temperatures, ocean acidification, and extreme weather events were cited as alarming trends, prompting calls for urgent action to mitigate the impacts of climate change on Tasmania's oceans.
  • Desire for Community Engagement: Tasmanians expressed a keen interest in actively participating in ocean conservation efforts. Many respondents indicated a willingness to volunteer for beach cleanups and community-based initiatives aimed at promoting ocean stewardship and sustainability.

Reacting to the survey findings, Environment Tasmania emphasised the importance of community engagement and collaborative action in addressing the challenges facing Tasmania's oceans. They called for increased investment in marine conservation, enhanced environmental education programs, and policy measures that prioritise the long-term health and resilience of coastal ecosystems including a Marine Plan for Tasmania to manage the water users in the state.

With concerted effort and collective commitment, it is hoped that Tasmania can continue to cherish, protect, and sustainably manage its oceans for years to come.
The community survey report can be found here.

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