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MEDIA RELEASE: Tasmanians rally for nature and climate on first day of parliament

Hundreds of people have rallied with eighteen organisations, including a think tank, environment and climate groups and the Aboriginal community for Tasmania’s Parliament first day back. 

Speakers included Rachel Hay, Tasmanian Conservation Trust’s Climate Campaigner, Peter George from Neighbours of Fish Farming, Alistair Allan, Marine Campaigner with Bob Brown Foundation, Kristy Alger from Animal Liberation Tasmania, Alice Hardinge from The Wilderness Society, Jim Everett elder pakana plangermairreenner, and environmentalist Bob Brown.

Today’s snap rally, full page advertisement in The Mercury Newspaper and open letter to the MPs calls on all Members in the new Parliament to take real climate actions as everyone’s well-being depends on the protection of our island home’s unique environment. 

 Groups uniting in action today include:

  • Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre
  • Animal Liberation Tasmania
  • AYCC Tasmania
  • The Australia Institute Tasmania
  • Bob Brown Foundation
  • Blue Derby Wild
  • Environment Tasmania
  • Grassroots Action Network Tasmania
  • Neighbours of Fish Farming
  • Tasmanian Alliance for Marine Protection
  • Tasmanian Climate Collective
  • Tasmanian Conservation Trust
  • Tasmanian National Parks Association
  • Tasman Peninsula Marine Protection
  • Tasmanian Wilderness Guides Association
  • Tasmanian University Environment Society
  • The Tree Projects
  • The Wilderness Society

‘The Tasmanian Government is failing to protect our island and its people from climate change. We need climate action now — real emissions reductions across sectors and an end to the logging of our carbon-rich native forests.’ — Rachel Hay, Tasmanian Conservation Trust Climate Campaigner 

“Climate Collapse is the greatest threat to the people and places we love. We urge the new  parliament to act with urgency for a safe climate and a thriving Tasmania” - Sharee McCammon, Tasmanian Climate Collective co-convenor.

"Lutruwita is in the midst of an animal crisis, ranging from the forests to the slaughterhouses, the racetracks to the waterways, with the exploitation wrought by colonisers on land, oceans, and the animals themselves destroying countless lives. We are proud to be here amongst this community collective to represent animals not just as numbers, but as individuals whose lives are as valuable to them as ourselves." - Kristy Alger, Animal Liberation Tasmania.

“We invite the newly formed government of Tasmania to step up and protect the oceans, forests and wilderness that Tasmanians love and depend on for health, well-being and lifestyle. It’s time to act now. There is no time to waste. If not for ourselves and the wildlife, then for our grandkids.” - Rebecca Howarth, Marine Campaigner, Environment Tasmania.

“The first step towards protecting our unique marine heritage is root-and-branch reform of the EPA that puts it in control of the polluters - not under their thumb. The newly-empowered cross-bench parties and independents have made a great start by uniting to call for an immediate and transparent investigation. The government needs to heed that call.”  Peter George, Neighbours of Fish Farming.

“There is a limit to how many visitors and how much development a national park can cope with before both the natural values and the visitor experience are compromised. The new government must appreciate this and reverse its exploitative approach. A good start would be to withdraw the proposed fast-track approval process to facilitate development in parks.” – Nicholas Sawyer, Tasmanian National Parks Association.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that some politicians would rather ignore Tasmanians who care about nature in Lutruwita / Tasmania, than actually take tangible action. In a dual climate and biodiversity crisis, there has never been a more crucial time to protect native forests and world class wilderness from inappropriate and destructive development. Caring for nature is crucial, what is at stake is worth far more than cheap politics.” - Alice Hardinge, Wilderness Society Tasmania Campaigns Manager. 

“Previous governments have worsened the climate and biodiversity crises and this new government cannot continue to destroy our island home. Ending native forest logging now is an immediate climate and biodiversity action this new government can take, saving Swift parrots from the brink of extinction. Removing fish farms from Tasmania’s waterways is another positive action.  Fish farms are destroying our unique rivers, bays and oceans and pushing animals such as the Maugean skate to the edge of extinction.” - Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaigns Manager.

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