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MEDIA RELEASE: Oxygen levels at Macquarie Harbour not as rosy as government claims

Today’s announcement from the Tasmanian government does not provide the complete picture of the oxygen levels within Macquarie Harbour.

"On closer examination of the EPA report, monitoring shows the dissolved oxygen levels within the Central Harbour and south-east section of the harbour located within the World Heritage Area at the mid to bottom layers – the Maugean skate’s habitat – still remain in the ‘red’ zone." says Rebecca Howarth, Senior Marine Campaigner at Environment Tasmania.

"Improvements have been seen within the north-west section of the harbour (closest to ocean) while low oxygen remains an issue in the south-east World Heritage Area (furthest from the ocean) suggesting a correlation with oceanic recharges that occurred in 2021 and over the last several months."

"It is misleading for the Tasmanian government to claim credit for what is in fact a naturally occurring flushing event which has likely caused oxygen levels to slightly improve in some parts of the harbour. Oxygen levels  in the areas and the depth at which the Maugean skate actually live, remain perilously low." 

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MEDIA RELEASE: Publish the State of the Environment Report 2024

July 06, 2024

MEDIA RELEASE: Over 30 groups from across Tasmania call for greater accountability in Government environmental decision-making. A joint statement, signed by 31 groups, has called on the Tasmanian Government to publish the State of the Environment Report 2024 as soon as it is finalised....

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MEDIA RELEASE: Maugean Skate National Recovery Team Communique too little too late

June 11, 2024

MEDIA RELEASE: Maugean Skate National Recovery Team Communique too little too late Today, public communique for the Maugean Skate National Recovery Team’s February meeting has been released with scant and stale information. Read the communique here. Notably, Salmon Tasmania did not attend the meeting...

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