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MEDIA RELEASE - IMAS Report Points to Larger Issues of Coastal Neglect

9th August 2022


The Long Bay IMAS report linking algal blooms to the salmon farms has confirmed what local community members have long suspected, and point to a long history of mismanagement of Tasmania's waterways.


"This report confirms that the community's fears about nuisance algae being linked to Tassal's salmon farm were founded. It also reinforces the need to implement the recommendations of the Tasmanian Salmon Inquiry, for example to implement a Tasmanian marine plan, to review all licenses and to reduce the number of pens in shallow, poorly flushed bays" says Rebecca Howarth, Environment Tasmania's Marine Campaigner.


"Tasmania's marine environment is dazzlingly beautiful and absolutely unique. Many of our fish and marine animals are found nowhere else on the planet. For the last three decades we have seen a steady deterioration in the condition of our marine environment due to poor management and increased pressures. Issues such as algal blooms, invasive species, declining fish stocks, expanding aquaculture, warming waters are all worsening. It is time for change."


"With the review of the Living Marine Resources Act happening right now, the Tasmanian government has the opportunity to move towards an ecosystem-based Marine Plan for Tasmania. This will only happen with pressure from the wider Tasmanian community. The time is now. This is a crucial step towards ensuring that all Tasmanians are able to enjoy healthy, wild coasts with thriving marine life into the future."

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