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MEDIA RELEASE: Maugean Skate National Recovery Team Communique too little too late

MEDIA RELEASE: Maugean Skate National Recovery Team Communique too little too late

Today, public communique for the Maugean Skate National Recovery Team’s February meeting has been released with scant and stale information. Read the communique here.

Notably, Salmon Tasmania did not attend the meeting despite being a key member of the National Recovery Team and, according to the Australian Government’s Conservation Advice, the industry being the primary threat to the endangered skate.

“The Tasmanian community deserves transparency – and not four-months after the fact. Tasmanians deserve to know in a timely manner what the recovery team are deliberating on, including detailed information from the latest science, and status reports of the various efforts such as the oxygenation project and captive breeding program." said Rebecca Howarth, Senior Marine Campaigner, Environment Tasmania.

"Instead, we have Salmon Tasmania – who did not even bother to attend the recovery team meeting – spinning the science and giving their vested take on efforts.”

Environment Tasmania calls on the convenors of the recovery team, The Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Tasmania (NRE Tas) and the Australian Government Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment, and Water (DCCEEW), to publish communiques with meaningful, detailed information on the deliberations and within two 

weeks of meetings.

BACKGROUND: Environment Tasmania can provide a copy of the Communique later today for context, if still not published on the DCCEEW website.

MEDIA CONTACT: Rebecca Howarth, 0493 395868

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