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Conservation Council Conference 2024

Following consultation with Tasmania’s movement leaders in November 2022, Environment Tasmania began the process of re-establishing itself as the state’s Conservation Council.

This May 2024, Environment Tasmania held two Conservation Council Conferences with environmental groups from across the state.

Please find the four-page report on the conferences here.

These events represent a significant milestone as Environment Tasmania continues to build trust and support from the state’s environmental movement.

This will be a slow and steady process.

Environment Tasmania will increase efforts to consult with environmental groups and strive to be as transparent as possible as it progresses in 2024 and 2025.

The conferences were designed to bring the state’s environmental groups together, to build relationships and improve connectivity within Tasmania’s environmental movement.

Feedback received during and after the event would suggest that the events achieved this.

Momentum is now building and Environment Tasmania intends to host another event before the end of the year. The conferences in May were a small-scale introduction and Environment Tasmania hopes to be able to expand its events moving forward.

If your organisation is interested in attending a future event, please contact [email protected]

“I really enjoyed the day. The format worked well, the organisation and communication regarding the event was great and I enjoyed the guest speakers.” – Susan Austin, Climate Action Hobart