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Reviving Giants - Short film night St Helens

Free screening of Reviving Giants, presented by Environment Tasmania in St Helens. RSVP!

This incredible short film was created by award-winning film-maker Stefan Andrews for the Great Southern Reef Foundation. Mick Barren and Dr Karen Gowlett-Holmes have been running the Eaglehawk Dive Centre on the iconic Tasman Peninsula since 1991. The 10-minute film explores their personal reflections on the dramatic changes observed in the giant kelp forests within their lifetimes, including the proliferation of Long-spined sea urchins, and their ongoing efforts to gain traction in the restoration of these reefs.

Afterwards will be a panel discussion with locals:

- Howard Jones, recreational fisher

- Cam Mead, commercial diver & recreational diver/fisher

May 30, 2024
6pm - 8pm
Panorama Hotel