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Media Releases

MEDIA RELEASE: Storm Bay Salmon Science announcement: covering up that the cart was put before the horse?

July 10, 2023

The weekend media about the Storm Bay science (Mercury 9.7.23) appears to suggest that the science will come first, expansions second and that the government is in 'no rush' to put salmon into the controversial Storm Bay leases. The truth about Storm Bay is...

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TALKING POINT: Time to Turn the Tide on Health of Marine Life

May 25, 2023

Ocean Stewardship? We have leagues to go.   Tasmania’s world class marine environment is declining at an alarming pace, so to hear the Primary Industries Minister’s recent claim of strong ocean stewardship beggars belief (Talking Point 4 May). Yes, Tasmania’s Traditional Owners have cared...

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MEDIA RELEASE: Fish farm removal imperative for survival of critically endangered species

May 19, 2023

JOINT PRESS RELEASE Environment Tasmania, Neighbours of Fish Farming (NOFF), Bob Brown Foundation, Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), Sea Shepherd, Surfrider Foundation, Living Oceans Society, Tasmanian Conservation Trust, Tasmanian Alliance for Marine Protection (TAMP), Tasman Peninsula Marine Protection (TPMP), Killora Community Association, NW Tas...

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MEDIA RELEASE: Latest Polling Shows Majority Of Tasmanians Want Salmon Farms Out Of Inshore Waters

April 17, 2023

14th Feb 2023   The latest polling results from the Australia Institute paint a picture of an island community worried about the health of their coastal waters and keen to see salmon farms out. Almost three quarters of Tasmanians support the Parliamentary inquiry recommendation...

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MEDIA RELEASE: New Survey seeks community input and ideas for ocean issues

March 23, 2023

23rd March 2023 Environment Tasmania is launching a brand new Community Survey asking Tasmanians about their connection to the ocean and how they enjoy their time on the coasts. Questions will include what is their favourite marine animal and how often do they visit...

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MEDIA RELEASE: Macqurie Point Sewage Solution Must be Found

January 18, 2023

18th January 2023   The TasWater waste treatment plant at Macquarie Point plant has been regularly in breach of its EPA commitments and leaking chemicals into the Derwent Estuary creating a “high risk” of toxicity. This is entirely unacceptable. It is also unacceptable that...

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MEDIA RELEASE - IMAS Report Points to Larger Issues of Coastal Neglect

August 09, 2022

9th August 2022   The Long Bay IMAS report linking algal blooms to the salmon farms has confirmed what local community members have long suspected, and point to a long history of mismanagement of Tasmania's waterways.   "This report confirms that the community's fears...

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