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What's Special

The forests of lutruwita/Tasmania are world famous. And for good reason. The wet temperate rainforests, tall wet forests, and dry sclerophyll forests are diverse and breathtaking. Beneath their canopy are a dazzling array of understorey plants, which in turn support so much of the wildlife we love. 

For tens of thousands of years First Nations’ people across the island have cared for and stewarded these forests. Now they are the last refuge for swift parrots and masked owls, as well as home to more common species like brushtail and ringtail possums, cockatoos, parrots, bats, and many more. 

Most famous of all are the towering eucalypt forests. Eucalyptus regnans, commonly known as swamp gum or giant ash, reaches up to 100m into the air the tallest flowering plants on earth. Not far behind is a variety of other eucalyptus species that form breathtaking groves of tall trees. Together they form some of the most carbon dense forests on the planet. 

We are lucky to live alongside these forests and with that comes great responsibility. 

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