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Write to Tasmania's Ministers for Primary Industries and Environment

Do you want to see the great forests of lutruwita/Tasmania better protected? Do you want safe homes for threatened species, native wildlife, and places for the community to enjoy for generations to come? Then fill in this quick form to send an email to Tasmania's Ministers for Primary Industries and Environment.

Dear Minister Abetz,

The forests of lutruwita/Tasmania are world famous. And for good reason. The wet temperate rainforests, tall wet forests, and dry sclerophyll forests are diverse and breathtaking. Beneath their canopy are a dazzling array of understorey plants, which in turn support so much of the wildlife we love. 

Tasmania’s forests are also well known for being the last refuge for the critically endangered Swift parrot. Only around 750 individuals remain. We need swift action now!

Current policies are failing to bring the Swift parrot back from the edge of extinction. The good news is: taking the simple action of reducing the logging quota – something the logging agency Sustainable Timber Tasmania has advocated for in the past – could make the difference for Swift Parrot survival. 

I am writing to urge you to implement a new Swift Parrot Protection Plan, a management framework that will protect important breeding habitat on public forests that are currently managed for logging. Please read The Case for a Swift Parrot Protection Plan by the Tree Projects.

Please do the right thing, and protect Tasmania's forests and the iconic Swift parrot by introducing a new Swift Parrot Protection Plan and following the recommendations in the report, The Case for a Swift Parrot Protection Plan, including reducing logging quota.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you on how you intend to protect the Swift parrot by introducing these vital measures.


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Charlotte Steinmetz

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