New science shows World Heritage dead zones persist in Macquarie Harbour

The State’s peak environment group has expressed its serious concern about today’s announcement by the Tasmania Government that only minor cuts will be made to salmon numbers in Macquarie Harbour. The EPA has announced that a minimum of 9,500 thousand tonnes of salmon will remain in Macquarie Harbour, despite the release of the latest report by the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies which shows low oxygen levels and marine dead zones persist in Macquarie Harbour’s World Heritage Area.

“The Hodgman Government has been impotent in the face of the unravelling crash of Macquarie Harbour. This biomass reduction might have worked two years ago. It is too little too late now, as we are seeing persistent dead zones in Macquarie Harbour reaching into the World Heritage Area.”

“Considering that a serious disease, POMV, has now established in the Harbour, causing mass fish kills over the summer period, the Government needs to require a complete fallowing or rest period for the Harbour to allow it to recover, not the maintenance of industrial level salmon tonnage,” Ms Kelly says.

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