Warners Track - Environment Tasmania

Warners Track

Warners Track leads to the gorgeous Central Plateau with a challenging climb to Adams Peak. The walk traverses both regrowth wet forest and alpine rainforest.

While the track was restored and cleared in 2014, much of the original 19th century stonework – including an impressive, convict-built retaining wall near the Plateau – still remains. 

Highlights on this botanically rich ascent include: a picturesque, meandering creek with numerous small waterfalls, superb eucalypt- and myrtle-dominated rainforest, alpine and sub-alpine species, and a stunning array of wildflowers, when in season. 

On a clear day one can see far across the Plateau from Adams Peak. Unusually, the idyllic view across the Jackeys Marsh valley is unspoiled by power lines or other indications of modern life. Thus, it is probably little changed from the vista enjoyed by 19th century walkers.




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