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Victoria von Witt

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    There is a major problem with waste and also with diseased fish affecting the wild marine environment. Our rare wild areas on both land and in the sea need full protection.

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    Just made a donation to Environment Tasmania

    Support Chris and his Vigil for Okehampton Bay

    The federal government has just given its final approval for Tassal’s industrial salmon farm in Okehampton Bay. This is endangered whale calving territory, but they’ve ignored expert advice and given Tassal the go ahead anyway.

    It's not just endangered whales that are at risk. Chris Massie is a fisherman that's so angry about this and so passionate about protecting Okehampton Bay, that he's occupying the bay in protest. He'll be out there for two weeks to send a clear message to Tassal and the state and federal governments that the community won’t continue to stand for corrupt processes that rubber stamp industrial development in prime fishing and tourism country and endangered species habitat.

    “I’ve caught a lot of flack for standing up against this, but as a commercial fisherman I have a right to question the impacts salmon farming has on our marine environment,” Chris said.

    Chris is up against the biggest fisheries company in Australia -- can you show him your support by sharing our image on facebook?

    CHIP IN TO BUY CHRIS A 6-PACK! Chris has 5 nights left on the boat - we'll make sure to take him some beer!


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    Stop Tassal Trashing Our East Coast

    The pristine waters around Okehampton Bay provide vital calving habitat

    Tassal already have their machinery on the ground. They have no planning approvals and no social licence. To protect the coastline we love, our recreational fishing grounds, critical endangered whale calving habitat -- we must act now.

    This is just the thin edge of the wedge. We know the industry want to double in size over the next two decades and we can’t let Okehampton Bay be a new beachhead for their expansion up the East Coast.

    Your donation will help us continue to expose Tassal's illegal activities and explore every avenue to stop their Okehampton Bay plans. 

    Thank you for your support.


  • posted about WWF, WTF? on Facebook 2017-04-11 16:28:19 +1000
    WWF, WTF?

    WWF, WTF?

    Australian Ethical Investments has sold its Tassal shares because of Tassal's unsustainable practices. 

    It’s time for WWF to make the long-overdue decision to stop supporting Tassal. This is a company that has turned its largest lease in Macquarie Harbour into a dead zone, where salmon experience sub-lethal and lethal stresses and damage has spread into a World Heritage Area. 

    Sign our petition below to tell WWF to publicly end its contract with Tassal. 


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