Twisted Sister Track - Environment Tasmania

Twisted Sister Track

This is an easy walk through deep rainforest, huge eucalypts and a small wetland. This short loop around the base of the soaring Eucalyptus regnans tree, known as Twisted Sister, takes you on an enchanting tour of some of the State’s finest southern forest features. In Tasmania, E. regnans are commonly known as swamp gum or giant ash.

As you weave through the rainforest understorey of myrtle-beech (Nothofagus cunninghamii) and sassafras (Atherosperma moschatum), inhale the latter’s fragrance, which has been described as nutmeg-, cinnamon- and sarsaparilla-like! Keep eyes peeled for vibrant lichen and candy-coloured fungi camped on mossy trunks and boulders. And look skyward – through a distant, lacy canopy – to gain a sense of just how vast this primeval forest is. With luck, you might just spy a Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle or white goshawk, both of which nest in the Florentine Valley.



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