The Tasmanian Government's new 10 year plan for 'sustainable salmon' - Environment Tasmania

The Tasmanian Government's new 10 year plan for 'sustainable salmon'

Environment Tasmania's response to Barnett’s ‘10-year plan to sustainable salmon’


Here's a link to Barnett's plan


This plan is recognition from the government that the salmon industry needs urgent intervention and a regulation upgrade.  Environment Tasmania welcomes forward planning to clean up the mess that is the Tasmanian salmon industry and it’s flawed regulatory framework. 


For this initiative to be taken seriously by the community we need a diverse range of stakeholders including traditional owners and environment groups included in developing a meaningful  plan. The Tasmanian community, and salmon customers nationwide have lost trust in the Tasmanian government’s capacity to regulate this industry with an appropriate arms length. 

The changes to make the EPA more independent will only be significant if the EPA becomes an agent primarily concerned with the environment, not for profit for industry. 


“An immediate moratorium on new leases sounds promising, but in reality it’s lip service - there are many leases already established around Tasmania, and this gesture won’t hold the salmon industry back from heavy expansion and intensification. We want to see a moratorium on new farms going in the water and the immediate retirement of antiquated leases that wouldn’t be approved today”, said Jilly Middleton, lead marine campaigner at Environment Tasmania.

Jilly, 0419168086 for comment.