Our Submission to Tassal's Okehampton Bay DA - Environment Tasmania

Whale Nursery not Industrial Zone

Tassal need new areas zoned industrial on Tassie’s east coast to carry out their Okehampton Bay plans. They want to change the law so these pristine waters - currently classified environmental management - are open for industrial development.

If they succeed, they will be able to dredge the ocean to put in an industrial wharf, an undersea pipeline with over 1000 concrete footings, and all of the infrastructure they need for the type of industrial salmon farms that have already created marine dead zones on the West Coast.

Never mind why the coast was zoned environmental management in the first place - because it is an endangered Southern Right Whale calving habitat, and supports coastal tourism and recreational fishing.

The council is currently considering their Development Applications - you can view our submissions to these below.


DA 2017/00097 - changes to an Environmental Management zone 

DA 17144 - regarding their proposal for an undersea pipeline

DA 17132 - Tassal's original unsuccessful proposal for land-based works