Tassal tests faeces trap without EPA approval

Tassal tests faeces trap without EPA approval

Today Environment Tasmania raised serious concerns about the EPA’s decisions to issue guidelines for a trial of Tassal’s experimental waste trap in Macquarie Harbour, 3 months after Tassal has already proceeded with trials.

“Tassal’s statement to the EPA in April confirms that they trialed their experimental waste traps at Lease 219 in Macquarie Harbour in March this year, 3 months before the EPA has requested they apply for a permit to proceed with trials,” says Laura Kelly, Strategy Director at Environment Tasmania.

“The public is in the dark about what damage these unapproved trials have already done in Macquarie Harbour,” Ms Kelly said. “Tassal’s decision to proceed with experiments in the Harbour before receiving EPA approval also raises serious questions about the EPA’s effectiveness in governing the largest fisheries company in Australia.”


“Given the risks these trials pose to biosecurity, fish welfare and the World Heritage Area, it is alarming that Tassal has proceeded with their tarp experiment without the necessary legal approvals,” Ms Kelly said.

 Environment Tasmania looks forward to seeing details of the amount of solid and dissolved waste Tassal will capture with their experimental tarps and how the EPA proposes to deal with risks related to biosecurity, fish welfare and the already worryingly low dissolved oxygen levels in Macquarie Harbour.

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