Tassal salmon reports 260-fold increase in antibiotic use - Environment Tasmania

Tassal salmon reports 260-fold increase in antibiotic use



A dramatic increase in antibiotic use by Tassal salmon has been revealed, following the release of the Global Salmon Initiative's (GSI's) so-called 'Sustainability Report' last week. According to the report, Tassal used 62.28 grams of antibiotics per tonne of salmon produced in 2019, compared with 0.24 grams per tonne in 2018.


"Tassal has reported a whopping 260-fold increase in antibiotic use between 2018 and 2019. This is particularly alarming given the company's use of antibiotics like oxytetracycline, which the World Health Organisation says shouldn't be used in animal farming," says Laura Kelly, Strategy Director at Environment Tasmania. "And the fact that antibiotics from salmon feed and waste are making their way into Tasmania's waterways."

"This increase raises serious questions about the conditions in Tassal's industrial salmon farms. Environment Tasmania is calling on Tassal to release their full pre-harvest mortality figures for 2019, and confirm whether the antibiotic use reported to GSI includes the amounts used in their salmon hatcheries in 2019," Ms Kelly says.

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Tassal's reported figures can be accessed here: https://globalsalmoninitiative.org/en/sustainability-report/sustainability-indicators/