Tassal confirms second mass fish kill in Okehampton Bay - Environment Tasmania

Tassal confirms second mass fish kill in Okehampton Bay


Media Release

Tassal confirms second mass fish kill in Okehampton Bay

Today in Federal Court proceedings Tassal have confirmed there have been two major fish kills at their new operations on Tasmania’s east coast over summer – a detail the company has until now concealed from local community members. 

“As the fish kill carnage in Macquarie Harbour continues we now have confirmation that Tassal has had not one but two mass fish kills at Okehampton Bay, adjacent to Maria Island Marine Reserve on Tasmania’s east coast tourism route,” says Laura Kelly, Environment Tasmania.

“Beyond the obvious risks to biosecurity, the environment and Brand Tasmania, what is appalling about the current fish kill fiasco is the total lack of transparency. Despite operating in publicly owned waters that other businesses and community users share, it has taken Federal Court proceedings to force Tassal to tell the truth about mass fish kills in our waters,” Ms Kelly says.

Environment Tasmania is calling on Premier Hodgman to introduce legislation that requires salmon companies to disclose fish kill numbers at the time of the fish kill.

“Tassal have confirmed they are operating at more than 15 per cent stock losses. While the industry brands itself as high-end, they are an industrial operation losing stock at an industrial scale. Premier Hodgman has approved this in key tourism areas while locking community and local businesses out of decision making. He must at the very least respect their right to information about major fish kills that impact on them,” Ms Kelly says.

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