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​Living Landscapes Symposium



In October 2016, Environment Tasmania presented the Living Landscapes Symposium, held on a beautiful spring day across sites in Hobart, the Styx Valley and Mount Field National Park.

The aim of the Symposium was to highlight and share information about two major projects that ET delivered from 2013 to 2016 - the Tasmanian Forest Landscape Restoration project and the Community Forests Walks project.

We were fortunate to have the following key note speakers:

Martin Hawes - discussed the key observations from his evaluation work of the Community Forest Walks project. Click here for the report or view the 8 walks self drive guides.

Todd Dudley - discussed landscape connectivity and other features of ecological restoration methodology used in the restoration of Skyline Tier. Click here for the short film that summarises this ambitious project.

Dr Robert Gillespie - presented his work Economic & Welfare Impact Analysis of Skyline Tier Restoration Project. Click here for his report.

Christine Corbett - presented a summary of the restoration work performed on 7 coupes in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area that was extended in 2013. Click here to download her presentation.

50 participants also went on field visits to some of the project sites.

If you were unfortunate enough to miss this great day, you can view some of the drone footage on youtube and 360 stills of some of the sites in your browser or in VR mode with a supported viewer. Or head out to some of the sites and see them for yourself.

While you're at the Twisted Sister Track, take a seat on the 'winged' benched, created by Gerhard Mausz for this project by a Community Heritage and Icons Grant.

Check out the interpretive signage that is at the head of each track, designed by Beverly Waldie and written by Susanne Kennedy.

A big thank you to the Australian Government for the funding and support that made these projects possible.

We also want to acknowledge all of the participants who made the day a success, the Symposium presenters and our discussion that evening led by Phil Pullinger and Rodney Croome on Unusual Alliances, Unexpected Outcomes – exploring hope and activism.

All photos of the Living Landscape Symposium are by Dan Broun.