Pulling A Swiftie

Swift Parrott - Photo: chris Tzaros

IMAGE: Swift Parrot | Chris Tzaros

This report outlines the findings of a Right to Information Request which reveals serious systemic failures in the protection of the Endangered Swift Parrot, with the support of the logging of critical breeding habitat for the parrot by senior decision-makers within the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water & the Environment, against their own experts’ advice. The report also provides context to these RTI findings through an outline of the Swift Parrot’s current conservation status, threats and legislative protections. What this contextual information demonstrates is a complete breakdown in the system to protect this iconic Endangered species.

REPORT:  Pulling A Swiftie: Systemic Tasmanian Government approval of logging known to damage Swift Parrot habitat

APPENDIX:  RTI (Right To Information) documents that informed the report "Pulling A Swiftie"

MEDIA RELEASE:  Government caught "Pulling A Swiftie", Dated: 23.03.2015

MEDIA RELEASE:  Ground Zero for Swift Parrot, Dated: 26.03.2015

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