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Australian fishing icon Steve “Starlo” Starling says Tassal’s Okehampton Bay salmon farming proposal is a “disaster waiting to happen” and now AFL star Nick Reiwoldt has joined the campaign too!

On Sunday 18 June the local Tassie community are holding a huge, peaceful flotilla and rally on Hobart’s waterfront. It's called #FloatMo and it'll send a clear message to our Premier that Tassal’s plan to spread industrial salmon farming up our pristine East Coast must be stopped. Their industrial fish farm would be bad for our precious marine environment, bad for fishing, bad for our tourism brand and terrible for endangered whales.

If you can make it please RSVP here. Otherwise show your support now by sending a message of support to Nick and Starlo.

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  • Chris & Annette Schnack
    endorsed 2017-06-10 14:42:45 +1000
    Nick & Starlo, you beauties….more power to your bow, we’ve done enough wrecking of the planet and all it’s creatures, let’s put things right while we still can.
  • Robert Klemp
    endorsed 2017-06-10 14:42:28 +1000
    Mit unserer technik und unseren willen haben wir in der Vergangenheit bewiesen das wir die welt gestalten können. Jetzt müssen wir nur noch beweisen das wir sie auch zukunftsfähig machen können. Liebe grüsse aus Österreich.
  • Robert Klemp
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-06-10 14:42:15 +1000
    I'm endorsing Environment Tasmania. Please join me!
  • Glen Thornthwaite
    endorsed 2017-06-10 14:40:38 +1000
  • Laurelle Simpson
    endorsed 2017-06-10 14:38:41 +1000
    We cannot let this happen, once again we are allowing the ruination of environment and wildlife, when will it stop, Go everyone, Starlo & Nick especially, get up em!!
  • Raylee Cooper
    endorsed 2017-06-10 14:21:21 +1000
    It’s never acceptable to ruin the environment and endanger wildlife, so a big shout out to Starlo and Nick for all they are doing to prevent it. Best of luck guys, go get ’em!
  • Peter Farrar
    endorsed 2017-06-10 14:19:02 +1000
    We cannot have marine dead zones. Care and sensitivity towards the ocean needs to be given to ensure a sustainable industry that exists side by side with the various marine species.
  • Trevor Jacobson
    endorsed 2017-06-10 14:12:21 +1000
  • Citta Gibson
    endorsed 2017-06-10 13:56:46 +1000
  • Phillip Devery
    endorsed 2017-06-10 13:43:37 +1000
  • Frank Gomez
    endorsed 2017-06-10 13:18:34 +1000
  • Leigh Johnson
    endorsed 2017-06-10 13:13:57 +1000
    Please stop tassle from destroying environment and providing toxic salmon to unsuspecting public
  • Barbara Fletcher
    endorsed 2017-06-10 12:56:57 +1000
  • bill mckay
    endorsed 2017-06-10 12:51:24 +1000
  • michael coventry
    endorsed 2017-06-10 12:50:31 +1000
  • Kathleen Ryan
    endorsed 2017-06-10 12:45:16 +1000
  • Deidre Bail
    endorsed 2017-06-10 12:41:34 +1000
  • Roger Seccombe
    endorsed 2017-06-10 12:36:50 +1000
  • Mike Armstrong
    endorsed 2017-06-10 12:21:18 +1000
    Bravo. We must all stand up against further destruction in the name of the dollar.
  • Chris Mulhearn
    endorsed 2017-06-10 12:10:43 +1000
    Internatiinal Scientist and environmental supporter Dr. David Suzuki once dived below a salmon farm holding a 5m long stick. Why? He wanted to measure the depth of salmon excrement below the pens on the ocean floor. He was unable to make contact with the original ocean floor and described the environment as a toxic anaerobic wasteland devoid of life.

    Tassal needs to develop a way to manage the shit that it produces for this to be viable.
  • Bruce McIntyre
    endorsed 2017-06-10 12:09:02 +1000
  • Bruce McIntyre
    endorsed 2017-06-10 12:09:02 +1000
  • Sean Ferns
    endorsed 2017-06-10 12:08:34 +1000
  • Peter Crouch
    endorsed 2017-06-10 12:03:08 +1000
    It seems Tassal is ignoring common sense and decency, and I support everything that can be done to pull them into line. Peter C.
  • Shirley White
    endorsed 2017-06-10 11:56:42 +1000
    Thank you for all your efforts to preserve our environment for future generations. It’s amazing how short sighted our governments are.
  • Elizabeth Brown
    endorsed 2017-06-10 11:55:39 +1000
  • Grahame Hubbard
    endorsed 2017-06-10 11:41:28 +1000
    I would like to send a big CHEERS in support to everyone who are standing up in the ongoing Battle to clean up the waterways in Tassie.

    Thank You VERY much everyone.

    Grahame Hubbard
  • Anne Gonaus
    endorsed 2017-06-10 11:34:59 +1000
  • Janelle Pepper
    endorsed 2017-06-10 11:30:46 +1000
  • Josephine Cummins
    endorsed 2017-06-10 11:24:44 +1000