Skyline Tier FAQ

Where is the restoration work taking place?
Skyline Tier is located above Beaumaris near Scamander, on Tasmania’s East Coast.
Restoration work is adjacent to areas protected under the National Reserve system including the Scamander Forest Reserve and St Helens Point Conservation Area and will control weed threats to these reserves.

Why is it important to control the spread of pines?
Radiata pine is one of the few weeds that has the capacity to invade into undisturbed native vegetation, in particular dry Eucalypt forest and coastal ecosystems. As such, uncontrolled pine wilding germination can pose a significant risk to the ecological integrity of the surrounding native vegetation.

Control of pine wildlings at an early stage (before seed set) can save time and money. Costs of controlling pine may increase each year, depending on the methodology used to control them.