New polling: Salmon governance failure bites for Hodgman - Environment Tasmania

New polling: Salmon governance failure bites for Hodgman

New polling by Reachtel released today shows significant community concerns about outdated salmon farming practices and the influence of big salmon companies over the Hodgman Liberal Government in Tasmania.

“More than half of voters in Lyons are saying the salmon industry is risking jobs by not upgrading their infrastructure and getting offshore,” says Laura Kelly, Strategy Director at Environment Tasmania, “this reflects what we are hearing out in the community – everyone knows how important salmon is for Tassie, but they can’t understand why the industry doesn’t just use some of their ample profits to modernise and get offshore.”

“The Hodgman government’s decision to cosy up to Tassal rather than govern for the whole community is reflected in these poor polling numbers, while alternatives like Jacquie Lambie power ahead, and the Greens hold strong.”

“The bounce in the polls Bec White has secured around the state isn’t translating to Lyons. Where Labor has yet to take any meaningful leadership position on Tassal’s divisive plans to industrialise Okehampton Bay.”

“Allowing Tassal to ignore broad community opposition and plow ahead with Okehampton Bay will be bad for Brand Tasmania and based on this polling, could prove toxic in the looming election. Our political leaders need to be looking for a fix, rather than bending over for Tassal and trying to sweep community concerns under the rug,” Ms Kelly said.

From the Reachtel poll, released today by The Australia Institute:

Do you agree or disagree that the fish farm industry is risking jobs by not investing in future-proofing the industry?


If a State election were to be held today, which of the following would receive your first preference vote? 


How would you describe the influence of fish farming companies on the Tasmanian state government?



The Australia Institute Tasmania commissioned the survey, conducted by ReachTEL, of 927 residents in the division of Lyons on the evening of the 17th July 2017. Read the full results here.