Salmon giants win approval to dump on the 1st signs of life in Macquarie Harbour - Environment Tasmania

Salmon giants win approval to dump on the 1st signs of life in Macquarie Harbour

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Tassal, Petuna approved to dump on the 1st signs of life in the most damaged parts of Macquarie Harbour

Tasmania’s peak environment group has questioned today’s decision by Environment Minister, Elise Archer, to allow Tassal and Petuna to restock the largest salmon leases in Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania’s most controversial salmon farming region. Known as the ‘Franklin lease’, the 120 hectare area was emptied in April 2017 due to the presence of faecal mounds, bacteria mats and the death of marine life under salmon pens.  



More poo: that's what Tassal, Petuna and Environment Minister Elise Archer have decided will help the most damaged areas in Macquarie Harbour recover. 

"Environment Minister Elise Archer has just given Tassal and Petuna the go ahead to dump industrial tonnes of waste on the first signs of life returning to Macquarie Harbour’s largest salmon lease,” says Laura Kelly Environment Tasmania.  “This is despite the fact that there is still gas bubbling and bacteria mats on the lease site, and the small increase in marine life recorded is dominated by the worm-like creatures that feed on salmon waste.”

“This is endangered species habitat right next to a World Heritage Area. After years of damage and controversy, why won’t the salmon companies and the Tasmanian Government just let the Harbour recover?” Ms Kelly asks.

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  • Jaye Hanson
    commented 2018-07-18 08:50:21 +1000
    Moronic decision from a government that lacks economic intelligence
    When are they going to realise the tourism industry is 4 to 5 times larger than the fish farm industry and start regulating accordingly?

    They are fast tracking the destruction of tourism in Tasmania and brand Tasmania for other producers

  • Ponguin Curly
    commented 2018-07-17 17:57:47 +1000
    Wrong government
    Wrong environment minister
    Wrong attitude
    WHY would I as a foreign tourist come to (still beautiful) Tasmania when MY ONLY REASON is the natural beauty and THIS government throws it all to the bin? If I want to see SHIT I could go traveling in many other places (including main land Australia)!
    Jesus Christ Tasmania where are you heading to?? Don’t give it all away for corporate greed and bribery!!
    Roland Stuber