Salmon Farming - Antibiotics

Antibiotic use in Australian salmon farming

Most people searching for salmon recipes aren't thinking about what antibiotics went into their salmon. But experts have serious concerns about the use of antibiotics in Australian salmon farming.  

The farmed salmon industry does not properly disclose its antibiotic use. They won't tell the public which antibiotics they use in salmon hatcheries, or how much they use. Tassal and Huon Aquaculture have also failed to report the full amount of antibiotics they used for all of their marine farms. And all of Australia's largest salmon farmers use 'oxytetracycline', an antibiotic the World Health Organisation says should not be used in salmon farming, because it is very important for human health.

UPDATE: Since the launch of our campaign, one salmon company - Huon Aquaculture, under pressure from journalists, have released details of their antibiotics use in hatcheries. Please click on the image below to sign the petition - every signature helps make a difference!