Research and Reports

  Outlines key issues with the operation and organisation of the Government forestry business enterprise and the case for urgent reform. Report released 26 April 2012

UPDATE ON ADVICE FROM ENGO SIGNATORIES ON CLAUSE 26 analyses the status of logging in important native forests and new photographs that show new logging activity in forest reserves prescribed by the Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA).  Report released 20 September 2011.

ADVICE FROM ENGO SIGNATORIES ON CLAUSE 26 is a submission on the rescheduling of logging out of the proposed native forest reserve area as part of the Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA). It analyses the status of logging coupes within the reserve area and specific recommendations for coupes within the 430,000 immediate reserve proposal based on a list provided by Forestry Tasmania on 18th August 2011.  Report released 20 September 2011.

TASMANIA'S NATIVE FORESTS: PLACES FOR PROTECTION, AUGUST 2011 explains the ENGO forest reserve areas and their high conservation values.

ENGO IDENTIFIED RESERVE PROPOSAL MAP is the result of many different inputs collated by the ENGO’s – from the work of governments, community groups, scientists and World Heritage authorities – over many years.

HCV FORESTS BOOKLET showcases the special places in Tasmania that have been nominated for protection as a part of the forest agreement.

A CRITICAL DECADE the Climate Commission's report has identified protecting forests from logging including Tasmania’s Native Forests as the most important land-based climate solution.

OLD GROWTH FOR EXPORT is a report documenting the logging and woodchipping of Tasmania's oldgrowth forests. Released December 2008.

UPPER CATCHMENT ISSUES - TASMANIA is the Journal of the Tasmanian Community Resource Auditors, a community based risk assessment group.

WIELANGTA NEWS. Article on why the 'reprieve' for the swift parrot in not enough to halt the threat of extinction.

TARKINE WILDERNESS. Outlines the values and threats of the Tarkine.

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