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Help Tassal with their Poo Maths

Tassal has reported that their tarp traps in Macquarie Harbour are capturing 73% of fish waste. The only problem is their figures don’t add up. Their report actually states they are capturing up to 122% of waste produced on any one day! That’s right – they put in 100% of feed and the fish magically poops out 122% of waste!! Gawsh – their tarp traps are so good, they’re capturing more waste than they’re putting in!

They get these figures by failing to provide all of the information on the feed they put in and then claiming a fish ‘defecation lag’ – the fish are pooping out what they put in that day, and a bit of what they put in the day before. That kinda makes sense, but what they aren’t telling us, or counting in their percentages, is how much feed they put in the day before. The result is magical percentages of 122%!

We thought we would help them with their maths by conducting a quick supporter survey. Take a second to answer this basic question and help Tassal with their poo calculations. 

You have eaten 1 burger. Will you poo out: