Premier Hodgman is answerable for Petuna job losses - Environment Tasmania

Premier Hodgman is answerable for Petuna job losses

The State’s peak environment group is calling for immediate action by the Hodgman Government to cut salmon numbers in Macquarie Harbour, where dire environmental conditions are now causing mass fish kills, disease outbreaks and redundancies within salmon companies.

“The Hodgman Government still won’t disclose to the public how many fish have been killed in Macquarie Harbour this summer – rather than deal with the problem they are trying to cover it up in the middle of an election campaign,” says Laura Kelly, Environment Tasmania.

“Kill number haven’t been confirmed but we are hearing from locals in the community that up to a million have been killed. It is unsurprising that Petuna has been forced to lay off 22 workers. “

“What is unbelievable is that the Hodgman Government has done nothing to fix the situation in Macquarie Harbour but has instead sought to cover up just how bad the crisis is during an election campaign. These job losses are on Premier Hodgman,” Ms Kelly says.

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