Working bee at Big Tree in Blue Tier

Eight volunteers recently participated in a working bee in Blue Tier, helping build the new track to Big Tree and other forest giants. Despite wet and wild weather, everyone worked hard,  enjoyed sharing yarns over a hot cuppa in the trackies camp, and learned about track building techniques from Snapper John Hughes' highly experienced crew.


The track will be opened in October 2014 and is destined to become one of Tasmania's Great Short Walks. The project is funded through the Australian Government Caring for Country programme.

Our thanks to Lesley Nicklason and the members of Friends of Blue Tier, who put in the original track to Big Tree as part of the campaign to protect these magnificent trees. Lesley has walked to Big Tree and the other forest giants more than 150 times!










Working Bee Day


View of Skyline Tier from Falmouth.  Visually prominent, Skyline Tier has significant scenic and ecological values which are being restored as part of the Australian Government funded Forest Landscape Restoration Project. Environment Tasmania and the North East Bioregional Network are working to restore 350 ha of ex Radiata pine plantation to native forest.


The removal of pine wildlings (left) enables the native species to flourish and provide suitable habitat for a number of threatened plant and animal species.


Public participation in the project has attracted volunteers from the local community and further afield.  Todd Dudley (far left) supervises volunteers and a paid work crew to remove pines from the area.  Volunteer restoration field days provide the opportunity for people to tour the site, remove pines and gain experience in restoration techniques.


Taking part in one of the most significant plantation restoration programs in Australia, volunteers help remove the last pines from the upper catchment of Dianas Basin.

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