Morts pit revelations: Peak environment group demands release of mass mortality plan for Macquarie Harbour.

Environment Tasmania has again raised its concerns about the lack of transparency surrounding Macquarie Harbour fish kills, after today’s statement by West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers that Council has not been consulted on salmon industry plans to construct a new morts pit for dead salmon from its Macquarie Harbour operations.

“Government actively concealed the fact that 1.35 million salmon died in Macquarie Harbour over summer - a fact the public only discovered after a leak to media,” says Laura Kelly, Environment Tasmania.


“Environment Tasmania has been talking with concerned community members for months about the locations of the emergency morts pit designed to deal with mass fish kills, but government and the salmon companies have failed to provide any information to the local community; now it emerges that even local government leaders have been kept in the dark.”

“It is crucial that the EPA releases its mass mortality plan for Macquarie Harbour, so that local community, environmentalists, local fishers and tourism businesses can have a say in how the environmental and biosecurity crisis in Macquarie Harbour - a public waterway - is being dealt with,” Ms Kelly says.

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