Our Member Groups

Our Member Groups

Environment Tasmania is the peak body for environment groups across Tasmania. By working together, we can be stronger, at the same time as supporting the unique character of local groups protecting the places they love, in their own backyard.

Follow the links below to contact our member groups. Interested in joining our community of nature lovers and defenders? Contact us at [email protected]

Climate Action Hobart: a volunteer, grassroots climate action group formed to promote community involvement in achieving strong climate policy and action in Tasmania.

Frack Free TAS: are a community group dedicated to raising awareness of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and demanding a permanent ban on fracking in Tasmania.

Friends of the Great Western Tiers: work to achieve the lasting and effective protection of the natural and cultural values of the Great Western Tiers.

Great Western Tiers National Park Campaign: work to gain National Park status for the Great Western Tiers.

Friends of North Bruny: facilitates cooperation between North Bruny’s communities and all levels of government and government departments, focusing on issues like safety, public access and amenities, environmental and heritage values, and other issues impacting on the North Bruny community.

Mole Creek Caving Club: go caving mostly at Mole Creek, but also in other cave areas in the state. They find, explore, photograph, survey and document caves, and also undertake research.

Nature Photographers Tasmania: a professional organisation whose aim is to facilitate and promote the use of photography for the protection of nature in Tasmania, and elsewhere.

Neighbours of Fish Farming: an organisation to protect Tasmania's ecological systems including the waterways and marine and riverine ecosystems, and its wild and scenic resources, from impacts of or associated with the aquaculture industry.

North East Bioregional Network: promote a long-term and consistent nature ethic based on an understanding that all of nature is important. Their key purpose is to develop and implement the Linking Landscapes vision in North East Tasmania.

North East Tasmania Land Trust Inc: a community-based group that preserves, enhances and protects the natural environment in North East Tasmania by acquiring and managing land of significant ecological value.

Ocean Planet Tasmania Inc: promotes the protection of Tasmania's marine environment and wildlife.

The Wilderness Society Inc: campaign to protect and promote wilderness values, and to transform Australian into a society that protects, respects and connects with the natural world that sustains us.