Meet the committee

Warrick Jordan - Chair


Warrick Jordan has worked on resource and conservation issues for the past 15 years, including as a board member, volunteer and partner with Environment Tasmania since 2007. Warrick has had substantial experience in forestry and marine issues, and performed a variety of governance and management roles. He lives in Newcastle, NSW, and is currently undertaking research into regional economies at The University of Newcastle.

Leanne Morrison-Vice President & Treasurer


Leanne Morrison is a lecturer and researcher in accounting in the School of Accounting at RMIT (and formerly at the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics at the University of Tasmania), where she teaches Accounting for Sustainable Management. Her interdisciplinary research examines how corporations use language about the natural world in their environmental reports, and what this conveys about the corporate relationship with nature. Her research has been published in environmental philosophy, business ethics and accounting journals. Leanne is passionate about Tasmania's natural environment, and the work that Environment Tasmania does to protect it.

Austra Maddox - Secretary




Austra Maddox has been involved with environmental issues for decades, both on campaigns and through political activity. Austra's prime passion is the protection of Tasmania's wild forests. She was a founding member of the Florentine Protection Society, and an active member of the Forest Reference Group during the Forest Peace Deal negotiations. Austra has had a varied background - federal public servant, welfare issues, union leader, active factional member in the past, and more latterly State Convenor of political parties. She has been involved with a wide range of submissions on environmental matters, including Forest Stewardship Council issues in relation to Forestry Tasmania. Austra's work has been recognised in being awarded a Life Membership of the C.P.S.U. and having her name added to the Honour Roll of Tasmanian Women.

Don Thompson 


 Don Thompson has worked for over 40 years in organisational, program and project management, facilitation, grant management and policy development in biodiversity, sustainable production, natural resources, project and program evaluation, environmental design, education and community development fields for non-government and government organisations.  He is now retired and keen to contribute to the great work of Environment Tasmania.

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