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Media Releases

MEDIA RELEASE: Roadmap has merit, but still won't Save the Skate

February 04, 2024

The Maugean Skate Recovery Team has released their Roadmap of Agreed Actions. While the roadmap includes many positive actions such as co-design with the local community and Aboriginal community, there still lacks any mention of urgently destocking Macquarie Harbour of salmon. The Maugean Skate...

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MEDIA STATEMENT: Two Maugean skates die in captive breeding program

January 16, 2024

"The deaths of two Maugean skates in the captive breeding program is incredibly sad news, and our heart goes out to the incredibly hard working team who are working around the clock on the program. This just goes to show how complex and delicate...

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MEDIA RELEASE: Storm Bay Salmon Science announcement: covering up that the cart was put before the horse?

July 10, 2023

The weekend media about the Storm Bay science (Mercury 9.7.23) appears to suggest that the science will come first, expansions second and that the government is in 'no rush' to put salmon into the controversial Storm Bay leases. The truth about Storm Bay is...

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