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MEDIA RELEASE: New short film will showcase Tasmanian first-of-its-kind restoration project for iconic Giant Kelp Forests

FILM TITLE: Revealing the Urgent Fight to Save Tasmania's Giant Kelp Forests: New Documentary "Reviving Giants" Premieres

WHERE: SIMPLE CIDER, 189 Elizabeth Street, Hobart

WHEN: 7pm, Wednesday 2nd August


Upholding their mission to educate and inspire society about Australia’s kelp forests, the Great Southern Reef Foundation proudly announces the debut of their new short documentary, Reviving Giants, in partnership with Sea Forest and the Eaglehawk Dive Centre


This compelling ten-minute film dives deep into the urgent mission to restore Tasmania's rapidly declining kelp forests, a direct casualty of climate change.


The documentary follows the life and work of Mick Baron and Karen Gowlett-Holmes, owners of the Eaglehawk Dive Centre, who have been front-line witnesses and activists to the massive destruction of the giant kelp forests. Over the decades, they have seen these once-bountiful ecosystems dwindle and have dedicated their lives to understanding, researching, and restoring these critical marine habitats.


Directed by marine biologist and filmmaker Stefan Andrews, Reviving Giants is a harmonious blend of science, human determination, and mesmerising underwater cinematography. Andrews is known for his artistic approach to marine conservation storytelling, and through this film he emphasises the transformative power of direct interaction with underwater environments, inspiring viewers to recognise their own capacity to contribute to meaningful change.


Reviving Giants tells a powerful story of persistence, shedding light on the relentless efforts of Mick and Karen to restore the kelp forests of Tasmania. “Through Reviving Giants, I wanted to tell the story of Mick and Karen's tireless efforts to revive Tasmania's kelp forests while highlighting the urgent need for all of us to engage in protecting these precious ecosystems," Andrews said.


As Tasmania's kelp forests face the existential threat of extinction due to warming sea temperatures, the film's debut arrives at a critical juncture. Not only does it spotlight this underreported issue but also serves as a rallying call to protect and rehabilitate these endangered ecosystems before it's too late. 


The restoration efforts highlighted in this film are a collaborative initiative by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS), Sea Forest and Eaglehawk Dive Centre. These organisations amalgamate innovative science, passion, and a deep understanding of the giant kelp biology in their commitment to restoring these underwater forests. 


Reviving Giants is a remarkable testament to the power of dedicated individuals in the fight against climate change. It's a moving portrait of resilience, a tribute to Tasmania's stunning marine life, and an urgent plea for collective action. 


The film is presented by the Great Southern Reef Foundation (GSRF), an innovative collective of scientists, educators, and storytellers, on a mission to deepen societal understanding of Australia’s kelp forests. The foundation's vision is to connect, educate, and inspire society to become active caretakers of these valuable marine environments. This collaboration for the film aligns with the GSRF's strategic focus on amplifying education, community engagement, and scientific knowledge. 


“Community engagement is integral to the foundation's objectives,” said GSRF co-founder, IMAS researcher and co-producer of Reviving Giants, Scott Bennett. 


“Through creating and sharing original visual content, we’re bringing the Great Southern Reef into focus, building public awareness and fostering grassroots involvement with temperate reefs.” 


This strategy aims to forge robust connections between communities and the Great Southern Reef, fostering active participation and stewardship across a spectrum of environmental, social, and cultural activities.


Reviving Giants will be premiered in Hobart, at an event co-hosted by Environment Tasmania on Wednesday 2 August at Simple Cider. The film screening will be complemented by another unreleased GSRF film and followed by a Q and A session with Mick Baron from Eaglehawk Dive, Scott Bennett and Beth Strain from IMAS and Sam Elsom from Sea Forest.


Tickets can be purchased here: 


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For more information about the film, or to schedule an interview, please contact [email protected] 


About the Great Southern Reef Foundation: The GSRF is a coalition of scientists, storytellers, and educators dedicated to the stewardship and longevity of Australia's kelp forests. The Foundation serves as a knowledge broker, representing the Great Southern Reef in the domains of Education, Community, and Science. The foundation's mission is to deepen societal understanding and recognition of the Great Southern Reef through unique projects that encourage awareness, education, and community engagement. 


About Stefan Andrews: Stefan is a co-founder and director of education and impact at the Great Southern Reef Foundation. A seasoned marine biologist and filmmaker, Andrews has dedicated over a decade to underwater cinematography. His work emphasises the fusion of scientific rigour with visual storytelling, creating impactful films that highlight critical environmental issues and efforts to address them. His unwavering commitment to marine conservation has made him a crucial voice in the fight to protect our oceans. 


About Eaglehawk Dive Centre: Since 1991, the Eaglehawk Dive Centre has been the leading destination for diving in Tasmania. Run by Mick Baron and Karen Gowlett-Holmes, it offers a range of experiences for divers while also contributing significantly to marine research and conservation efforts. Their work includes the rehabilitation of the endangered kelp forests, an ecosystem vital to the health and biodiversity of Tasmania's marine life.



About IMAS: Located at the gateway to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica, the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) at the University of Tasmania is recognised internationally as a centre of excellence for marine and Antarctic research. With collaborative partners across the globe, we deliver our research to government, industry, institutions and communities. We create exceptional learning opportunities for the next generation of scientists, and we are dedicated to enhancing environmental understanding and facilitating sustainable development for the benefit of Tasmania, Australia and the world. 


About SeaForest: Based in Triabunna on the south east coast of Tasmania, Sea Forest delivers world-class climate solutions harnessing the power of Asparagopsis seaweed to drastically reduce livestock emissions at scale. Through our Sea Forest Foundation and in partnership with IMAS we have embarked on the first ever forest-scale kelp restoration project in the southern hemisphere. Together, our goal is to bring back Tasmania’s natural and self-supporting giant kelp forests. Sea Forest is an organisation committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a signatory to the UN Global Compact.

About Environment Tasmania: Environment Tasmania works with the Tasmanian community to care for our unique environment, keeping us connected to some of the most spectacular wildlife, forests and oceans on earth. As a non-governmental, non-partisan and totally independent organisation, we bring together environment groups and community members to find solutions to Tasmania’s environmental pressures. E.T.’s mission is to conserve, connect, and inspire stewardship of lutruwita/Tasmania’s natural landscapes and environment.

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