Tasmania, Open for Subsidies

In opposition, Premier Will Hodgman was very big on his 'open for business' rhetoric.

But now in government, it's becoming apparent that what Mr Hodgman meant was: Tasmania, open for subsidies.

Environment Tasmania's spokesperson on forests, Andrew Perry said:

"This proposed return to woodchipping is a cynical move that puts politics above people."

"Premier Hodgman is now making his intent clear: The Forestry Bill wasn't about specialty timbers – it was about woodchips.  It's not about a vision for Tasmania's future, but about blindly stumbling back to a dark past."

"And it’s about subsides."

"With Premier Hodgman's back to the future policy of chipping native forests, you can forget about FSC, you can forget about eco-tourism, you can forget about vibrant regional communities, you can forget about a future-proof new economy, and you can forget about peace.”

Environment Tasmania urges Premier Hodgman to put fiscal responsibility and the long-term interests of regional Tasmania before short-term cynical politics that will jeopardise FT’s bid for FSC Certification, cost Tasmanian jobs, and siphon precious monies away from public utilities in order to prop up a long-failed, unviable business model.

"With a new economy built around our world class native forests, Tasmanians could eat their cake, and have it too."

"We urge Premier Hodgman to stop using regional Tasmanian communities as a political football in a game where everyone loses, and instead allow it to be a beacon for investments into a market-driven, sustainable new-economy for all Tasmanians."