Marine Exhibition Tours Tas

Our Tasmanian marine exhibition, Nowhere Else on Earth, is touring the state.

The Nowhere Else on Earth exhibition is touring Tasmania's coastal and regional towns, showcasing some of Tasmania’s most beautiful, unique and important marine life. 

Our oceans and marine life are often overlooked for warmer places like the Great Barrier Reef, when in fact Tasmania’s marine life is more unique and equally stunning. Ninety per cent of Tasmania’s marine life is restricted to southern Australia, and found nowhere else on earth.

The exhibition has been collated and produced in a way that makes it easy to hang in popular public spaces , ensuring that community members can see the images and learn more about our unique and beautiful marine life, when they are going about their everyday lives.

The images in the exhibition have been taken by passionate individuals and professionals who share our love of Tasmania’s incredible ocean ecosystems and wildlife.

The Exhibition is currently in Zep's Cafe, main street, Campbell Town until 23 September.

It will then tour to the Bridport Cafe from 23 September to 1 November, before moving to St Helens. 

The touring exhibition has been made possible with support from NRM North and Devonport City Council.