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Liberal leaders build pressure on Turnbull: Ban the monster boats

The Stop the Trawler Alliance today welcomed the symbolism of Tasmanian Fisheries Minster Jeremy Rockliff’s move to ban super trawlers in Tasmanian waters and called for immediate action by the Turnbull Government to protect our Small Pelagic Fishery.

“Minister Rockliff’s symbolic ban on trawlers in Tasmanian State waters shows political leaders understand Australians have rejected super trawlers," said Adrian Meder from the Australian Marine Conservation Society. 


“To achieve a meaningful outcome, the Tasmanian Government needs to work with their Federal counterparts to implement a permanent ban on factory freezer trawlers in the Small Pelagic Fishery, which primarily occurs in Commonwealth waters further offshore," Mr Meder said.

Game Fish Tasmania called on the federal government to act immediately to protect Commonwealth Fisheries, but questioned what Minister Rockliff’s announcement really gave Tassie recreational fishers.

“There is already a ban on trawlers over 38 metres in Tasmanian state waters,“ said Nobby Clark, Game Fish Tasmania. Meaningful change requires Mr Rockliff to pursue his federal counterparts to protect the Small Pelagic Fishery from Super Trawlers – the law requires our government to achieve optimum utilisation of this living resource, which so many other sectors rely on, rather than allow it to be pillaged in the short term by single operators,” Mr Clark said.

Environment Tasmania welcomed Minister Rockliff’s request that the Federal Liberal Party listen to the community and ban the super trawlers, but questioned the timing of Minister Rockliff’s decision, which came in the same week as the Tasmanian Government’s approval of industrial fish farms in prime recreational fishing territory on Tasmanian’s east coast.

“There is already a ban on trawlers over 38 metres and the majority of recreational fishing takes place outside state waters.”

“Coming just days after Minister Rockliff approved the first industrial salmon farm in recreational fishing areas on Tassie’s east coast, this decision is all about Minister Rockliff trying to undo the damage he has done to the Liberal Party’s recreational fishing vote in Lyons,” said Laura Kelly, Environment Tasmania.

“We look forward to seeing Minister Rockliff champion a meaningful super trawler ban in Commonwealth waters with his federal colleagues in Canberra,” Ms Kelly said.


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