Lexi Barry

  • commented on Stop the Fish Farm Faeces Dump 2016-09-29 21:52:43 +1000
    That figure is a massive lie and more than total world fin fish emissions! How can you post that on your webpage ET?
    Even worse is that people believe this! It is a simple calculation based on production, Tasmania only produces 25,000t per year of salmon…..what a shonky organisation you are and it is unfair what you are doing to an industry that supports the state. Stop the lies and work with this industry if you want to make a change!

  • commented on Clean up Fish Farms 2016-09-08 18:02:12 +1000
    This organisation is a total joke, why not have a look at the regulation of the Tasmanian aquaculture industry and compare it to those across the world. This work was actually done for you during the 2015 Senate Inquiry. Normal Tasmanians need proper jobs and development, go back to university or join a debating group and leave the Aquaculture industry alone. If this industry leaves Tasmania people like Beccy Hubbard and Laura Kelly will be to blame!