Lake Skinner - Environment Tasmania

Lake Skinner

The Lake Skinner track is a solid, gradual climb through forest that transitions to a completely different alpine environment above the tree line. The track leads upward through a lovely mossy forest of teatree, eucalypt, and myrtle, then sidles a hill to make a moderate climb to Lake Skinner’s outlet, Falls Rivulet.

Highlights include a striking change in vegetation, magnificent views from the crest of the mountain range over the Weld Valley and to the South West, and the large Lake Skinner itself, which certainly warrants a stop in fine weather. Keep an eye out for pencil and King Billy pines on the lake’s shoreline and the track leading to it.

As its name suggests, the Snowy Range is frequent host to extreme weather, so up-to-date knowledge of forecasts and appropriate walking gear and clothing are essential.

This walk is a significantly more comfortable undertaking following several 2015 working bees, involving community volunteers and expert track workers. Conditions in a 2km long, typically muddy section were improved with top drains, turn-piking, stepping stones and ripped log planking techniques using rock, gravel and suitable timber.

You will find a special quote from Tasmanian photographer, Peter Dombrovskis, on the interpretation panel at the head of this track.




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