Murky waters - lack of transparency clouds Petuna's Macquarie Harbour waste announcement

Environment Tasmania has responded to today's announcement by Petuna that they will install waste traps at their Macquarie Harbour operations, with requests that the EPA immediately release reports that show the impacts of these waste traps on biosecurity, fish welfare and the environment - with sufficient data to meet basic professional reporting standards.

“We’re very concerned that Tassal and the EPA have refused to release reports showing the impacts of the tarp system – all we have is Tassal’s glossy brochure claiming their tarps are a success, but no real data on waste in and waste out, or water quality data that would address biosecurity and fish welfare concerns," says Laura Kelly, Environment Tasmania.

“Tassal have been using tarps to offset higher biomass – we need a clear answer from Petuna and the EPA about whether they intent to trade tarp use for increased salmon numbers in Macquarie Harbour.”

"It's also clear that fish farmers are proposing significant changes to farming methods in endangered species habitat and that this novel waste system should be reviewed under the Commonwealth EPBC Act," Ms Kelly says.