Keep Wilderness in the Plan


ET has partnered with six other ENGOs (as listed on the promo poster) to put on public meetings, in both Launceston and Hobart, to call upon the Hodgman Government to keep wilderness recognition and protection in the TWWHA Management Plan. 

The Launceston event will be at 6pm on the 24th of February, at the Pilgrim Uniting Church, with speakers Bob Brown, Vica Bayley, Kim Booth, and The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre. 

The Hobart event will be at 12pm on the 3rd of March, at the Hobart Town Hall, with speakers Bob Brown, Hanny Allston, Prof Jamie Kirkpatrick, and The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre. 

The promo poster is on our Facebook page, so please feel free to 'like' it, and share it with your social network. 

We really hope to see you there, for our wilderness.