jemmah latham

  • commented on Misleading consumers: Tassal, ASC and WWF 2017-04-21 17:27:20 +1000
    ET – you need to check your information. I am appauled with the letter you have written to WWF. Attacking a charity that is there to help the environment rather than looking at the facts. What is this ‘media investigation’ you mention?? Four corners? That is the best you can do. Their documentary was so inaccurate, I cant believe you are really that naive. So you would trust media over a charity. Disgusting. All your letters are full of lies and I am disgusted in the way you are working. And why is that you are so interested in supporting Huon? Havent they only just received ASC certification themselves? and Now you also want to attack ASC?
    Huon didnt even reach the ASC standards last year and are the reason behind the four corners program. Maybe you should be taking some responsibility yourself and instead of creating a bigger ‘bullying’ problem, why dont you try and work together to solve the problem.

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